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by Luke Brown, 2020 

Acrylic on Canvas  | 50x80cm



Fiercely wrathful, he is imitative of the powerful Boddhisattva Vajrapani. The right hand holds aloft a gold vajra and the left held to the heart in a fierce gesture. Adorned with a skull crown, gold ornaments, a necklace of severed heads and the skins of an elephant and snow lion tied about the neck, he also wears a tiger skin as a skirt. Standing atop a sun disc and multi-coloured lotus he is completely surrounded by the bright orange flames of pristine awareness. Senge Dradog subdues the irrational energies of black magic, curses & hexes, dispelling bad omens, weird vibes, nightmares, or anything else that might attempt to pull us from our path. The wrathful display of Guru Rinpoche’s 'Lion’s Roar’ is totally grounded in love and compassion for all beings.

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